Global Kindness Teleseminar Part II

The Global Kindness Revolution Part 2

Mini Seminar

Free & Open to the Public

Led by Judith Trustone of Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, Founder of Sagewriters & TrustOneKindness

Program Description— The Global Kindness Revolution is an antidote to violence and the lack of civility on both sides of prison walls. In this two-part program (the second part is on March 23) we explore the connection between spirituality, kindness, and prisons; how (and why) this touches those of us who are not in prison; and how we might open deeper places of kindness within ourselves.

Instructions—To join the live call: dial 712-432-0075. When you hear the prompt, enter access code 329574#. You’ll be announced by a chime sound. Say your name and where you are calling from, then press *6. Programs usually last about 1 hour. We record these calls and the recording is available until the next month’s Spirit Gathering. To listen afterwards at your convenience, dial 712-432-1085, access code329574#

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