GEDCO-Thanksgiving Tribute 2010

Rabbi Shmuel Silber

Suburban Orthodox Congregation

7504 Seven Mile Lane

Baltimore, MD 21208

It is an honor to be here with you tonight on this special evening of tribute and have the opportunity to share with you a few words of inspiration.

King David writes in Psalm 89: “OLAM CHESSED YIBANEH,” the world is built on kindness.

This is a beautiful sentiment— we must be good to each other, we must be kind to one another— because then and only then can we build a harmonious world.

I believe King David is teaching us a deeper lesson.  We live in an imperfect world and we are faced with two choices.  We can lament, complain and question, or we can act, give and help.

It is this very choice that King David places before each of us.

OLAM – the world is in full sight – we see the difficulties and sadness.

CHESSED YIBANEH – kindness can be used to repair all that is broken.

We cannot solve every problem, we cannot dry every tear and we cannot lighten every load

But we must nevertheless strive to do our part, to put in our effort, to contribute in some small way towards repairing and bolstering the world around us.

On behalf of Suburban Orthodox Congregation, I want to thank the honorees and GEDCO for their commitment to the greater community.

Let us hope that God gives us each the vision to see the needs of those around us and the strength to answer their calls with kindness and compassion.

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