End “Life Sentences Without Parole For First-Time Offenders” of a Fatal Crime

Prisoners in America have all too often been stereotyped by members of society and the American Government. They are given  inappropriate and unrealistic sentences of life without The Possibility of Parole  regardless of their backgrounds, life experiences and/or the number of incarcerations.

They are thrown into prison, forced to double-cell with some of the most violent and left with no hope whatsoever. Many of these individuals are murdered by other prisoners or staff. Many are traumatized in other ways and all are left WITH NO HOPE, NO FUTURE and NO REASON TO LIVE.

This petition has been established in order to Stop the Madness of  Stereotypical Incarcerations and America’s Poor Reputation of being the Only Country in the World with the HIGHEST RATES of incarceration and human rights violations.

To sign this petition please go to:

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