“The Blessing Of The Seven Rays Of Light”

Imagine yourself lighting candles…

Dear Creator, as we light the SEVEN RAYS of candle light for healing of all conditions throughout the universe:

WHITE: We light the first ray of light white which is for purity, divine essence to flow throughout the universe, the “Christ Light” ever present.

PINK: The second ray of light is pink which is for divine love and peace, keeping our thoughts ever present with thee.

BLUE: The third ray of light is blue which is for Spiritual understanding for God is all that we need.

GREEN: The fourth ray of light is green which is for divine healing of all conditions and new growth development and to fulfill and accomplish our mission.

GOLD-YELLOW: The fifth ray of light is gold or yellow which is for divine protection: the light of the Creator which surrounds us and gives us faith in all things—ask in their name and “Thine Will Be Done.”

RED: The sixth ray of light is red which is for the power of the Creator to flow throughout the universe, to be ever present in us to give strength and courage to our leaders so we shall remain forever free.

PURPLE: The seventh ray of light is purple which is for divine happiness and supply and healing of all things.

We now know all is in the loving care of the Creator and that they alone shall supply all our needs.

The Church of Tzaddi, an international metaphysical church with thousands of members in quite a few countries, holds a universal meditation every Wednesday night at 8:30 pm Pacific (3 hours later in the east) and offers teleseminars every month which are recorded for later listening for a month afterward. I’ll be facilitating two seminars on March 2nd and March 23rd entitled “The Global Kindness Revolution: spirituality, kindness and prisons,” all topics dear to my heart.

It is my hope that through this spiritual group (which does not conflict with anyone’s religious beliefs) we can awaken enough people about prisons to begin to make meaningful vibrational change. If WE can join them in their weekly meditation, my hope is that THEY will join ours every Saturday at 4pm eastern. Imagine the power!!!!

To listen to my teleseminars, on March 2nd call 712-432-0075 Access code 329574# or to listen later call 712-432-1085, code 329574#. On March 23rd and use the same codes. For those of you technologically oriented and have computer access, you can put the teleseminar onto your website/blog/Facebook

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