I have just finished reading the unique and unusual story of the Global Kindness Revolution in the recent Movement Magazine. You are certainly someone remarkable and outstanding to even consider and create such an extraordinary movement. And yet, with your experience, your love for humanity, your hope for change, your faith in togetherness and your desire for a kinder world, you actually brought some kindness to the prison world, even touching both the prison guards and inmates to “disinfect” some of the poison out of the prison system. I hope one day to actually meet you but until then, I’ll learn what I can about you and plant some of your seeds of kindness in movement activists. Let’s hope your Global Kindness Revolution seeps throughout the world. By next year, I wonder where it will be? Will it still show strength and move forward or will it decline? I guess it depends on each of us, what we do or don’t do. Kindness shouldn’t take too much effort. It should come naturally. Congratulations Judith Trustone! Yuri Kochiyama

My children and I participated in your Community Kindness Circle at the Quakertown Evangelical Lutheran Church and greatly enjoyed the experience. I am looking forward to further exploring your website and your works. My son was very touched that you spoke to him directly about his energy. You have a beautiful energy, and I do hope our paths meet again. Jody

I came away from the Kindness Circle feeling calm, relaxed, contemplative, and having a genuine sense of appreciation for the compassion of others. I left feeling more faith in the people whom I encounter. It was a bit of a restoration in my hope for society. If this Global Kindness Revolution could turn into something even larger and more widespread, I can only think of the benefits that it would have. Morgan

While working on some legal appeals and unable to get to the law library, I felt a zap of the Light of Kindness and was suddenly able to recall the important information that I needed. It was as if this information was pulled, along with an abundance of Kindness and gentleness from deep within me. Spreading this Kindness has also brought about in me a capacity for peace, clear vision, and the predisposition for joy in myself and others. Judith, you have profoundly tapped into the cosmic, karmic and aesthetic power keg in the Kindness Revolution. Michael

What an uplifting experience the Kindness Circle was at Swarthmore Borough Hall. The presence of two children in the Circle added a dimension that was unexpected. Their friendliness and openness was a lesson we could emulate. As someone in the group said “The children got exactly what the Kindness Movement is all about.” Theresa

Judith, thank you for telling me about this morning’s program. I watched alone and yet experienced feelings of relaxation. It brought back thoughts of Guided Group Imagery which I led in the Restorative Justice groups I ran at Graterford in the 90s. It was very effective with the men. It also brought me back to my training in meditation/relation response techniques – also very effective. Yet another thought was of a peacemaking/talking circle which we did with my Resorative Justice students from Drexel and the Restorative Justice group at Graterford. Circles are a very important and effective technique in restorative justice with various types of groups and issues. Again they create equality, solidarity, communitarianism and a feeling of relationship with others. Your process combines all of these marvelous strategies so beautifully. Thank you! Julia

Judith Trustone has done a remarkable job of providing prisoners with an alternative by embracing them in a circle of kindness while providing the tools and mindset for them to reach inside themselves to discover the healing power of the written word. Now I ponder a further thought, a similarly structured program for prison guards – a program that enables them to explore and express their daily fears, frustrations and challenges. It seems apparent that they too are in need of a circle of kindness. Perhaps if those employed within the walls of our prisons were guided to the healing power of the written word, they too would begin to experience a new and more humane sense of empowerment – a first step toward reforming our prisons. Without hesitation I would nominate Judith Trustone to head such a penal reform committee. I can think of no more compassionate human being to tackle this challenge. Lois

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