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We All Live in Ferguson, MO

“I can’t imagine what it’s like to be white, even for one day,” my friend said wistfully. We talked after yet another experience in a series of both subtle and overt snubs clearly related to her dark skin, that I’d witnessed during our thirty years of friendship.

Global Kindness Revolution? Of Course!

Please take a moment and peruse this very well-written and informative article by Sharon Day, executive director of the Indigenous Peoples Task Force.

Waiting Room Blues

When did the medical community decide it was imperative to our health that daytime TV was required to dominate every doctor’s and hospital’s waiting room? And why, in a nation struggling with obesity, do they serve chips or fries with every sandwich in America? Who decides these things? You won’t learn the answers here, but we can protest together.

Mean Madison Avenue-Why we need a Global Kindness Revolution

The tone of recent television ads makes me wonder—are they selling products or promoting meanness and an even greater lack of civility than already exists?

Byard Lancaster, a Warrior with a Horn

Sagewriters is sad at the passing of our dedicated Music Director and Jazz legend, Byard Lancaster.