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We All Live in Ferguson, MO

“I can’t imagine what it’s like to be white, even for one day,” my friend said wistfully. We talked after yet another experience in a series of both subtle and overt snubs clearly related to her dark skin, that I’d witnessed during our thirty years of friendship.

Mean Madison Avenue-Why we need a Global Kindness Revolution

The tone of recent television ads makes me wonder—are they selling products or promoting meanness and an even greater lack of civility than already exists?


CAN WE HEAL JUSTICE? from The Movement, July-September, 2009 By Judith Trustone “Are you with them?” the prison guard on a bike asked as he stopped us in the prison parking lot. My friend, Bonnie Tjaden, and I had just come from an unsuccessful attempt to visit a prisoner, one of the 7,000 who can’t […]