For Judith Trustone

by Rocky Harris

Doom and despair, agony and loneliness,

they were my days, and my companions for years.

Rage consumed my soul.

My mind screamed for a way to be heard.

Long days locked in a box,

the stigma of a convicted armed robber,

the case false, but conviction so true.

No one cared what I had to say.

The courts turned a cold shoulder;

I almost fell into the void of no return.

Hope, a word or just a thought?

No, it is a way of life for me,

a chance for justice again in my life.

SageWriters, who, what , where,

a Light at the end of that dark tunnel.

My life started to change.

You gave me a voice to be heard;

I have cast off the shackles of the walking dead.

I have a voice again.

People are listening now.

I am a person again, with a story to be told.

I write and cast off the clouds of darkness.

I am alive again through my published words.

To write heals my soul, patches my torn spirit.

Justice may again be within my grasp.

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