WHY? To encourage Americans of all ages to commit  planned acts of kindness as a visible way to counter-balance the increasing random acts of violence in homes, schools and communities across the nation.

WHO? Communities from Florida to California, and many in nations across the world, are holding Kindness Weeks, challenging their residents to go the extra mile in performing acts of kindness for fellow citizens.

WHEN? Swarthmore’s Kindness Week
is November 16 to 22.

RESULTS: E-mail examples of Kindness Acts
performed or seen, (signed or anonymous)
to info@Sagewriters.org for publication
in The Swarthmorean.

Join A KINDNESS CIRCLE—FRI., NOV. 20 – 7 to 8:30pm
Swarthmore Community Room – 121 Park Ave. 610-328-6101


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