• Marienville, PA – SCI Forest Concert for Kindness (Date Pending)
  • Newark, NJ – Children of the Incarcerated – Kindness Circle (Date Pending)
  • National Random Acts of Kindness Day – February 17, 2016
  • April 24, 2016 Global Kindness Circle
  • Kindness Training Groups for High School Seniors (ongoing)
  • Prisoners’ Guide to Kindness (ongoing)
  • Exploring Opportunities for Kindness in Afghanistan (ongoing)


Saturday, October 24th: LoDel Music & Arts Festival Pics:

Kindness Circle

Kindness Test: Judith takes on the local authorities!


Special Announcement:

Richard Gere is accepting the Liberty Medal for the ailing Dalai Lama on Oct. 26th at 5:00 pm. I am reserving a room at Swarthmore’s Borough Hall for us to do a Kindness Circle at that time as we’ve long-planned.

We’ll gather there at about 4:00 pm so we can tell folks about the Global Kindness Revolution’s “Call for a Daily Global Kindness Circle at Noon, Everywhere, Every Day,” which grew out of my creative writing classes in prisons,” and then hold the Kindness Circle at 5:00 pm to coincide with the Dalai Lama’’s message of peace and kindness.

Some of us tuned into the Mass when the Pope was here recently. Wherever there are groups gathered with good goals and practices, we will join them. Send us information of such events so we can post them on our website  www.TrustOnekindness.com. You can also order your Kindness Cards there and see clips of DVDs, especially my third documentary, “How to Create a Kindness Circle” which is the main tool for Kindness at Noon and is available on YouTube.

We also are working with people at different prisons who are “Warriors of Light” as they do their best to set up Kindness projects behind bars. You’ll learn more about Kindness Behind Bars when the book is released. See how many countries are involved in this fast-growing revolution where we all, using smart phone and computer alerts and old-fashioned church bells, strive to get 51% of the world’s population to pause at noon, take some clearing breaths, think kind thoughts or do a kind action, aligning our mental and spiritual focus on Kindness as an antidote to violence, racism and meanness. It’s so simple, free and requires no training, though you’ll get lots of ideas from my soon-to-be-released book, The Global Kindness Revolution: How Together We Can Heal Violence, Racism and Meanness with a special focus on marginalized people like refugees, immigrants, prisoners and their families, the disabled, the elderly and mothers-in-law. It includes healing exercises and ways to expand compassion.

We’re blessed to welcome Luc Goulet from Quebec as our Kindness Ambassador to Canada and France. Luc’s excellent book, The Big Bang Project: Creating Humanities Best-Case Scenario, compliments our work, and we have agreed to Partner for creating conscious events including Kindness Circles, with the focus on our planet’s future.

We’ll be leading a Kindness Circle on October 24th at the LoDel Music and Arts Festival in Georgetown, Delaware where there will be four stages and more than 30 musicians and artists raising funds for our Kindness Ambassador to Nepal, Amy Kauffman and her work there with refugees from the earthquake. We’re also invited to do Kindness Circles in Memphis, TN, Atlantic City, NJ, and more communities searching for an antidote to the violence that is sadly a part of everyday life.

We’ll need to quickly do flyers, press releases and maybe set up some media. This MUST be a group effort as I’m doing my best to finish up the book. Remember we must spread the word so that we can get that 51% to join our Global Kindness Circle at noon on April 24th next spring to coincide with the positive energies of Earth Day and the beginning of Passover. I’d like to also do a special Kindness Circle for Christmas this year, maybe New Year’s. For more, checkout the website, my blog etc.



(In order from most recent)

Women Who Never Give Up – October 9th – Washington, D.C.

The event is both a call to action for advocates and lawmakers as well as a commemoration of the organization’s 10-years of advocacy on behalf of the families most affected by harmful criminal justice policies.

“We find ourselves, as a country, at a crucial moment,” says Gale Muhammad, WWNG president and founder. “While the whole country is now talking about mass incarceration and a broken corrections system, we still often see the families and loved ones of incarcerated people left out of the conversation. We are proud of the work that we’ve done, in partnership with so many others, and we are happy with the strides that Congress seems to be taking. We need, however, more than just bipartisan support for criminal justice reform bills; we need the real experts at the table, identifying the problems and brainstorming tangible solutions. The real experts are, and have always been, the families.”


Pope Francis Visit – World Meeting of Families – September 26-27

Central Park, NY – Global Citizen Festival – September 26, 2015







Contact: Judith Trustone; Sandy Taylor (610-525-4133) For Directions: Quadrangle, Haverford, PA

New York, NY - In the Company of Angels – September 5, 2015


The Peace Center of Delaware County end of July announcement


Join award-winning author, filmmaker and human rights advocate, Judith Trustone of Sagewriters and the Global Kindness Revolution on Sunday, July 26th from 6:00-9:00 pm at the Peace Center, 1001 Old Marple Rd., Springfield, PA 19064, for an overview of the fast-spreading global movement.

It brings together under one umbrella the autonomous religious, non-religious, political, ethnic, racial justice and rights groups for a common vision of Kindness as an antidote to violence. It grew out of her creative writing classes in prisons eight years ago. She’ll be discussing her new book and upcoming video blog, The Global Kindness Revolution: How Together We Can Heal Violence, Racism and Meanness and screening her documentary, How To Create A Kindness Circle, which is at the core of the movement’s work; Judith’s film is available globally on you tube.

GKR’s Ambassador to Afghanistan and California, Atta Arghandiwal, will describe conditions there. Amy Kaufman and her daughter, Holly, of the Shauna Rose Kaufman Foundation, will share their experiences on the ground in Nepal, where they are leading Kindness Circles, and Brenda Emerick, a prison change advocate from western PA whose son is a life-sentenced prisoner, will discuss efforts for Kindness and healing within the Incarcerated Community. The ultimate plan, a Global Kindness Circle,  is to gather on the same day at the same time (allowing for differences) to focus on Kindness, whether through Kindness Circles, prayer or meditation groups or just the curious, to see what it’s all about. We will be experiencing a Kindness Circle and raising funds for work in Nepal.

In late October GKR is partnering with the Dali Lama to create a regional Kindness event. Organizers for the Pope’s upcoming visit are also interested.
Information www.TrustOneKindness.com or 610-328-6101.  For directions to the Peace Center of Delaware County visit www.delcopeacecenter.org

EcoSpirituality Salon’s GLOBAL KINDNESS CIRCLE  with Judith Trustone

Where: Sandy Taylor’s at The Quadrangle

3300 Darby Road, Haverford PA 19041 – Apt#7201

Please bring a delicious, nutritious vegan or vegetarian dish for our feast!

RSVP to sandy@rainbowchild.com or 610-525-4133; Directions: From Haverford Rd, driving towards Phila., turn right on College Avenue. At the light at the end of the road turn left on Darby Rd and the turn right immediately into the Quadrangle. Turn right again following the yellow stripe in the middle of the road. Also follow the signs to Bldg. 7 which comes after Bldg. 8. There are 2 stop signs close together after passing the front of Building 8 (Holly House). You will find visitor parking on  your right. Come to entrance B . There are no parking sheds at Entrance B, which is in-between entrances A and C.  Follow directions to call me and i will buzz you in. If you come in entrance B, take the stairs at the exit sign to your right and go to the second floor. My apartment is right there by the big blue painting. If you come in another entrance, take an elevator or stairs to the second floor and look for apt. 7201 at the end of one of the hallways.

Ending Mass Incarceration and The New Jim Crow

On April 29-May 2, 2015 The Pendle Hill Conference hosted a gathering of speakers who shared their visions for ending mass incarceration in this country. Judith led over 100 people in a Community Kindness Circle.

The Health Benefits of Kindness Circles at Health and Wellness Fair

On Saturday, April 26, 2014, from 11:00 am-3:00 pm, the Church of the Overcomer in Trainer, Pennsylvania, will be holding the 3rd annual “Family Matters” Community Health and Wellness Fair.

Besides special programs for seniors, The Affordable Care Act, Legal and Financial Literacy and Resources, re-entry issues and health screenings, featured speakers include Judith Trustone, Director of the Global Kindness Revolution, who will lead a Community Kindness Circle and share the Science of Kindness and why it is good for everyone’s health.

Trustone, an award-winning author and filmmaker who has been called “Swarthmore’s Kindness Guru,” has led Community Kindness Circles in Swarthmore’s Borough Hall and at area churches, schools and organizations, and her group has distributed over 100,000 Kindness Cards worldwide as an antidote to violence, bullying and lack of civility.

Her upcoming book, Train Your Mind To Be Kind All The Time, is the core of a Kindness Curriculum she is developing for the Dayton, Ohio, K-12 schools in partnership with Rev. Richard Dalton, National Community Coordinator for the Global Kindness Revolution.

The Church of the Overcomer, “the church for people who don’t go to church,” is right off 1-95 at 1016 Sunset St., Trainer, PA 19061 and for more information call January Krassnosky at 610-485-6090. Lunch will be provided courtesy of Gateway Health Insurance Co.


The Global Kindness Revolution

Soothing and Nurturing the Spirits of Women:
A One-Day Mini-Vacation for Women of All Ages

Saturday, July 20, 2013 @ 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Pendle Hill Quaker Retreat Center
Wallingford, Pennsylvania

Uplifting music; soothing, gentle movements; fun;
Chocolate Meditation; Stress Survival Skills

with Judith Trustone

Judith Trustone is an award winning author/filmmaker/human rights activist/Restorative Healer who directs Sagewriters and the Global Kindness Revolution.  She led this workshop for 18 years at Delaware County Community College and has led regional Women’s Healing Circles and Community Kindness Circles.

Soothe your spirit and sparkle up your energy in a delightful circle of women.

$40 for the day, $35 if preregistered by July 10th
(limited partial scholarships available upon conversation)

Bring lunch and some to share.  Refreshments provided.

Check/money order to
Sagewriters, Box 215  Swarthmore, PA 19081

Pendle Hill Quaker Retreat Center, 338 Plush Mill Rd., Wallingford, Pennsylvania 19086
Directions: www.PendleHill.org

For more info: 610-328-6101


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