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We All Live in Ferguson, MO

“I can’t imagine what it’s like to be white, even for one day,” my friend said wistfully. We talked after yet another experience in a series of both subtle and overt snubs clearly related to her dark skin, that I’d witnessed during our thirty years of friendship.

“Celling America’s Soul” wins Bronze in 2014 Ebook Global Awards!

Judith Trustone’s Celling America’s Soul: Torture and Transformation in Our Prisons and Why We Should Care just took the Bronze in the prestigious Ebook Global Awards. Judith proudly made the announcement Monday, August 18, 2014, about her social and political commentary on the state of prisons in the United States, “I’m so excited that the […]

Global Kindness Revolution? Of Course!

Please take a moment and peruse this very well-written and informative article by Sharon Day, executive director of the Indigenous Peoples Task Force.

The Long Road Back

My name is in nomination for an award in Yahoo’s new “Women Who Shine” contest. To vote for me, go to Thank you!

Survival of the Kindest: The Evolution of Sympathy

By Faye Flam Inquirer Staff Writer TONY AUTH / The Philadelphia Inquirer ( Darwinism is more often associated with the liberal left than the conservative right, but it’s moved a long way across the political spectrum from Darwin’s day, when it was embraced by advocates of free-market economics, colonialism, and similar ideas today associated with […]

The Real Dr. Doolittle Show with Val Heart

Judith Trustone, Cats’ Secret Guide to Living with Humans | The Real Dr. Doolittle Show | Animal Talk | 504a1f9eaaec278218cd59526b4132d1

Torture the New Black? How We’ve Come Accept Cruel Treatment for Anyone Perceived as an ‘Enemy’

How “enemy creep” is Guantanamo-izing America. By Karen J. Greenberg Just in case you thought that “political correctness” had been thoroughly discredited in the culture wars of the 1990s, it’s back — and this time it’s being treated as a stalking horse for terrorism and getting pummeled all over again. You only had to listen […]

Global Kindness Revolution Teleseminar Part I

If you missed Part I of the Global Kindness Revolution Teleseminar, not to worry. You can access the complete audio file for the Global Kindness Revolution Part I using the link below: Global Kindness Revolution

Global Kindness Teleseminar Part II

The Global Kindness Revolution Part 2 Mini Seminar Free & Open to the Public Led by Judith Trustone of Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, Founder of Sagewriters & TrustOneKindness Program Description— The Global Kindness Revolution is an antidote to violence and the lack of civility on both sides of prison walls. In this two-part program (the second part […]

Three Mile Island Woman

In remembrance of the upcoming anniversary of the Three Miles Island nuclear disaster and its relevance today, I’m posting “Three Miles Island Woman” which was published in a variety of places, none of which I’ve recorded. When friends who were sailing around the world stopped for a while in New Zealand, they saw the poem […]

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