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First World Theatre Ensemble presents Ladies in Waiting

ana, a 20 year old reporter protesting the inhumane treatment within penal system gets arrested and sentenced to serve time within the same penal system she protested… Inside she encounters 5 women waiting time…4 who’ve suffered at the hands of domestic violence and the sadistic head matron who is trapped in a prison of her own mind…


Prison activist Larry Harris, chief plaintiff in a lawsuit against individuals employed by the Illinois Department of Corrections, is the object of severe retaliatory measures from Illinois prison personnel. The lawsuit, captioned Harris et al. v. Brown, et al., seeks an injunction against the serving of high levels of soy, which is causing serious digestive, thyroid and cardiovascular disorders among Illinois inmates.

Immediately following a May 1 Internet posting about the lawsuit, H

Confessions of a Weary Activist

Confessions of a Weary Activist (for The Movement) By Judith Trustone All of our noble efforts for the rights of people in prison seems like we’re just putting our fingers in the dyke of a system that for the most part poisons all who enter, a system that without our efforts would flood everyone with […]


Date: April 13, 2010 SWARTHMORE PUBLISHER/FILMMAKER RELEASES DOCUMENTARIES Award-winning Swarthmore publisher/filmmaker, Judith Trustone, has released two documentaries on one DVD. Soothing and Nurturing Human Spirits  which was filmed during a workshop where she taught energy healing techniques to families of prisoners and activists. Healing Justice: a journey into Shadow America is an artistic compilations of […]


WHY AMERICA NEEDS A GLOBAL KINDNESS REVOLUTION By Judith Trustone, Director, Sagewriters and the Global Kindness Revolution After advocating for human rights for more than 50 years, the last 18 for prisoners’ rights, after publishing a dozen books with prisoners, victims, family members and advocates, and after creating two documentaries, I’ve concluded that America is […]


CAN WE HEAL JUSTICE? from The Movement, July-September, 2009 By Judith Trustone “Are you with them?” the prison guard on a bike asked as he stopped us in the prison parking lot. My friend, Bonnie Tjaden, and I had just come from an unsuccessful attempt to visit a prisoner, one of the 7,000 who can’t […]

Chocolate Meditation

A sample of Judith’s forthcoming meditation CD

Kindness Week

WHY? To encourage Americans of all ages to commit  planned acts of kindness as a visible way to counter-balance the increasing random acts of violence in homes, schools and communities across the nation. WHO? Communities from Florida to California, and many in nations across the world, are holding Kindness Weeks, challenging their residents to go […]